Shopping Carts

2023 Shopping Preferences & Business Opportunity Survey

For many of us, our shopping patterns have changed.  In a previous survey done a few years ago, we asked about your shopping habits and residents told us they shopped out-of-town primarily for entertainment, household goods and business supplies. 

Our next step is to see how shopping preferences have changed, learn which products and services you want to see locally, and support local businesses to remain competitive. 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete our short survey.

1. In which part of the South Cariboo do you live?
3. In the past two years have you gone out-of-town shopping for the following reasons:

5. If you shop out-of-town - where? (Select all that apply)
6. Where do you prefer to shop for your bigger ticket items (appliances/auto/electronics, etc.)?
7. What are the main reasons you shop out-of-town? (Select top 3 reasons)
8. If you shop ONLINE - why? (Select top 3 reasons)
9. Do you schedule out-of-town shopping trips? If so, how often?
10. When thinking about your normal household spending, please estimate how much your household spends monthly:


11. What percentage of your total monthly purchases are bought at:


12. Which of the following products does your household regularly purchase out-of-town?
13. Which of the following products does your household regularly purchase ONLINE??
14. What information sources do you rely on to make spending decisions about products and services? (select up to 3)
15. If our municipality could attract 5 new businesses to the community, which businesses would you want them to be?


Thank you for taking the time to complete our short survey.

Last updated Mar 13, 2023