A Message from Mayor and Council - August 17 2021

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A Message from Mayor and Council
August 17, 2021

The 2021 wildfire season is yet another challenging summer for all of us in the South Cariboo.  The Flat Lake Fire remains classified as a “Fire of Note – Out of Control” wildfire.  The District of 100 Mile House is NOT on evacuation order or alert; but this status can change very quickly.  We must be prepared and remain vigilant.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the firefighting crews who are working tirelessly to keep our communities safe.  There are countless other people directly and indirectly supporting firefighting efforts and we owe them a debt of gratitude as well.  We must also express our sincere appreciation for the selfless dedication the volunteers at ESS and the Resiliency Center continue to provide to those affected by fires across the region.   Finally, thanks to our residents for remaining calm, taking emergency preparedness seriously, and keeping up on good information.   

We all know that rumours can start & spread quickly, especially on social media, but also simply by word of mouth or overhearing someone in a store line-up.   This can (and it has) lead to disruptions, anxiety, and precious resources being diverted away from urgent and more important things.  The District, the CRD, BC Wildfire Service, and others have worked very hard to provide accurate and timely information.  We urge everyone to seek out reliable information sources and please confirm information before sharing.  Remember too that - no news can be good news. 

If you are not sure whether you are on Evacuation Order or Alert, or you just need to verify something you’ve heard, please contact our office (250) 395-2434 or the CRD Public Information Line at 1-866-759-4977 if you live outside the District’s boundaries.  Rest assured, we want to share emergent information with residents as fast as possible, and we will post it very quickly to our website and FB page. 

We can assure 100 Mile House residents that our staff have been working hard behind the scenes since late June, putting in long hours and monitoring the wildfire situation day and night.  We are in constant communication with BC Wildfire Service and with the Incident Commander, as well as other emergency service providers responding to the incident.    

As we move through this event and hopefully leave this wildfire season behind us soon, we just want to encourage residents to stay positive, keep checking in on your neighbours, especially the elderly, and keep supporting our local businesses.  They have been hit hard again this year.  It’s been a rough summer for everyone, but we are in a better position than many other communities right now.

100 Mile House is a strong and resilient community.  We will come through this latest challenge like we have every other challenge - by working together and supporting each other.  We are still stronger together. 

Mayor and Council
District of 100 Mile House

For more information, visit www.100milehouse.com.

Last updated Aug 17, 2021